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In today’s fast world one needs a healthy and satisfactory lifestyle. Taking care of such a requirement of terracotta sprout maker. The sprout makers available in the market are generally made of plastic or acrylic, which after four to six times of usage leave a foul smell in the sprout. Even the classic method of using cloth to make sprout is a tedious, time consuming and messy process.

By observing such hitches, and considering the unique property of “Porosity” of terracotta, this product was made. It is a known fact that due to the porosity of the material that the water remains cool in Matkas (Earthen Pots), and curd and vegetables remain fresh & cool for a long time I terracotta vessel.

Exploration of the material and it characteristic were carried out, and the process of sprouting was studied in depth to come up with the product, which was functional. This product is in the form of a container that can sprout 350 to 400 grams of pulses like- Gram or Mung in 24 hours. It has a lid with little depth where water can remain s well as few holes in it so the air can pass through but insect cannot. This product is made in order to facilitate healthy, odour free, long lasting sprouts. In fact, even after sprouting the sprout need not to place in a refrigerator to retain freshness.