Design Registration No. 246900

The Plier is a multi-purpose tool. It is inspired from the Viper fish. It has 6 tools which are a philips head screw driver, flat head screw driver, torch, knife, pliers and a magnifying glass. The body is designs in a fold away pattern which enables it to compress in size when not in use. It is great for the outdoors.

The novelty of the design lies in its ability to look like the viper fish when both shut and opened. It is also a great kit of tools bundled into one unit. This helps the Plier to be compact yet highly useful. It packs a punch with light aluminium body and foldability.

The probable place of use is in the oudoors, Industry of use would be Multi Tool, Outdoor Gear companies. Firms that use it are Swiss army, Gerber, Leather Man, etc.