The purpose of NDBI is to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship in the creative minds of young designers, so that their ideas metamorphose into newer and niftier products or services capable of being utilised commercially.

NID is internationally recognized as one of the foremost multidisciplinary institutions in the field of design education, research, training and service. NID has been a catalyst in disseminating design awareness amongst Indian industry, as its graduates are active in every sphere of economic activity in the country. More on NID is available on

NID is giving its students’ classroom / non-sponsored diploma projects and Designs registered by IPR Cell to NDBI with the objective of exploring commercial possibilities of the same.

The National Design Business Incubator (NDBI) at NID, has been approved by nodal agency, Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat. The fulfillment of terms and conditions of the grant sanctioned under Sanction Order No: IC/Salt-Tex/Startup/147/1163606, Dt. 05/03/2016 Read for more information link