National Design Business Incubator

NDBI is an independent entity located within the premises of National Institute of Design, has been setup with the support of Department of Science and Technology (DSIR), Government of India, where in NID is giving its handholding support since its inception. NDBI is incorporated as a non-profit entity under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (No. 1 of 1956) of India.

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The purpose of NDBI is to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship in the creative minds of young designers, so that their ideas metamorphose into newer and niftier products or services capable of being utilised commercially.

NID is internationally recognized as one of the foremost multidisciplinary institutions in the field of design education, research, training and service. NID has been a catalyst in disseminating design awareness amongst Indian industry, as its graduates are active in every sphere of economic activity in the country. More on NID is available on www.nid.edu.

NID is giving its students’ classroom / non-sponsored diploma projects and Designs registered by IPR Cell to NDBI with the objective of exploring commercial possibilities of the same.

The National Design Business Incubator (NDBI) at NID, has been approved by nodal agency, Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat. The fulfillment of terms and conditions of the grant sanctioned under Sanction Order No: IC/Salt-Tex/Startup/147/1163606, Dt. 05/03/2016 Read for more information link

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About us

NDBI supports designers to turn their ideas and concepts into successful competitive businesses and provides an environment to develop an essential business management skills and systems that may enable designers to grow as business leaders, NDBI Provider Design Business Incubator through its establishment with experts from different fields of work as Mentors to its startup incubatees.

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Incubation Process

Experts for firm incorporations, venture capitalist, faculty mentoring, help in preparing business plan for the incubatee product/service design, access to facilities like library, telecom, photocopying machine, canteen, etc.

Provision to access specialists and research labs to develop or to improve an innovative technology including research, testing facilities, materials, prototyping, design, etc.

Air-conditioned office space in office along with furniture, a desktop computer, printer, fax, high speed internet access, access to high end design softwares, conferencing facilities, etc. The incubatees are free to use their laptops and desktops as per their requirement and as informed to the administation.

Physical lncubatees of NDBI are eligible for Service Tax Exemption for three years or upto max of Rs.50 Lakhs turnover as per the recent notification of Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

IPR consultants for help in registaring patent, copy-right and trademarks.

Knowledge Management Centre

Design Vision Centre

Performance Visualization Lab

3D laser scanning

Laser Cutting Facility

Rapid Product Development Lab

Knowledge Management Centre

The Knowledge Management Centre (KMC) is considered as a backbone of the Institute and is a new age of a multifaceted approach to managing print, digital, audio-visual material, Prototype material all in a seamlessly manner. KMC has all the treasured wealth of knowledge showcasing the best collection of books, periodicals and other non book resources from all corners of the world. Apart from this, the centre has a large collection of the student diploma projects, craft documentation reports and other research projects. The KMC has also showcases the design prototypes.

Design Vision Centre

Design Vision Centre called DVC being established as an integrated Design support infrastructure with a climate controlled area of 3200 sq.ft. at the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad. DVC is the first such advanced industrial communication and experience design support facility in an educational institution in india.
The design vision centre includes three important labs namely' High performance Visulization Lab' (HPV Lab), Rapid Product Development Lab. (RPD Lab) Centric and industry research cells as well.

Laser Cutting Facility

For making the prototype incubatee requires the leaser cutting, there is CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine Which be used for portrait engraving, Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) 3mm cutting , Shoes pattern cutting, Acrylic sheet 6mm cutting, Paper craft cutting, Fabric engraving , acrylic cutting and engraving, Aria 900mm X 600mm, leather 1.5mm cutting and engraving etc.

Performance Visualization Lab

The advantage of such facility is that a multidisciplinary group can visualize and experience together the 3D images of design concepts from 360 degrees in real time and provide feedback to the design team. this helps the design team to fine-tune the design concepts in a trans-disciplinary context. The system is versatile to cover product and communication design, Scenography , Animation character, design and host of such Visualization of products, Services and experiences, Visualization is a core activity in design profession. Without visualization there is no realization.

Rapid Product Development Lab

The RPD lab at DVC, houses facilities for rapid prototyping (RP) Machine, again state-of-the-art-technologies in 3 Dimensional printing technologies for model making this facility helps the design students and professional designers in saving time, energy and costs for converting design concepts into 3 dimensional mock-ups. the decision makers benefit a great deal as the 3D prints of design concepts are made available much faster compared to conventional methods. Hence a journey of a design concept from "Mind to Market " is faster and more real life using RP technology.

3D laser scanning

3D Laser scanner for scanning of 3D Modelling and conversion into digital images. this facilitates in many ways is updating design concepts faster as compared to the conventional methods for product development.


Current incubatees

Limbot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Serene Design and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Kumar & Hoilund Design Solu.

Feel Good Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Sahyog Design way Pvt. Ltd.

Doodling Minds Design Object Pvt. Ltd.

Fluvina Technologies.Pvt.Ltd.

Chizel Prints Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

Alumni incubatees

21G Design Works Pvt. Ltd.

Sangaru Design Objects Pvt. Ltd.

Gaatha Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd.

Robots Alive Consulting Pvt. Ltd.



Dirty Hands

Evomo Research and Advancement Pvt. Ltd

IPR Cell (Intellectual Property Rights)

The National Institute of Design strives to encourage creativity and innovation. It has become globally evident that the competitiveness of any enterprise depends on its ability to innovate with respect to its products, services and systems and to distinguish itself in terms of its competitors in the market.

Design has become a significant differentiator and a source of value-addition in the market place. Innovation through design involves heavy investments of time and money in research and development (R and D). know more

Moreover, in the context of ever shortening product life-cycles and product differentiation coupled with a market driven by vagaries, it is becoming more and more essential to manage Intellectual Property Rights effectively. The intangible nature of intellectual property and the world-wide consistency of standard practices create a challenging environment for businesses wishing to protect their innovations, brands and design.

Protection of designs play an important role in the economy by ensuring that other competitors do not get access to the innovations of the company that has developed it by investing substantial intellectual efforts in creating new and alternative designs. In addition, design registrations can also become important sources of wealth to the company through royalties.

NID first established its Intellectual Property Rights Cell in 1999. The vision guiding the establishment of the IPR Cell was in harnessing and spreading the power of human creativity.

The IPR cell generates awareness on IPR issues within NID by encouraging IPR related research, promoting and facilitating access to resources on IPR and formulating guidelines relating to IPR.

The IPR cell has organized sensitization programs, seminars and has facilitated several registrations of intellectual property. All these events provide an introduction to the fundamentals of intellectual property with an emphasis on the registration and protection of industrial designs and other relevant IPs.

The IPR Cell is constantly striving towards strengthening linkages with like-minded organizations to leverage its’ intellectual property portfolio further.


Operational Team

Amit Jain

CEO - National Design Business Incubator, Ahmedabad,

Chaitali Chinubhai

Research Associate IPR Cell

Dharmendra Solanki

Deputy Manager (IT)

Rishabh Shah

Research Associate

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